The one thing worse than a boy break up

In the relationships arena, there is only one thing worse than a boy break up: a girlfriend break up. I’ve been wanting to write about this as this year something very special happened to me, I reunited with my long gone #bestie.


At 29 I haven’t figured out love yet, nonetheless to say, I’ve been through many boy breakups including the one I thought I was going to die of sadness, but let me tell you that nothing compares to the pain of knowing that a friendship is over. You’ll see, one day you find this person and you start doing everything with them from drinking and dancing to just talking for hours about-duh-boys on the bedroom floor. You share clothes and shoes and makeup, and inside jokes; you can definitely communicate using face expressions, she knows your body insecurities and you know what is her favorite ice-cream flavor, you keep each others’ deepest secrets and most embarrassing stories; you accept each others’ crazy families, and when life goes wrong, she is there to cry with you (and ready to stab the boy that hurt you if you ask her to). You have an invisible bond that nobody can break apart.

6af17558ae20c7eeef7673767884e7f9But then something happens…you do something that hurts the other person and you both forget about all the good memories. It sounds just like a boy breakup except that now you can’t call your friend and cry over her shoulder, except there is no one to tell you “get ready girl! we’re going to find another guy girlfriend for you tonight”, except you can’t forget her with another bestie, except you can’t drink champagne and dance on the table, except your other girlfriends can’t say how bad she was for you, except you can’t stalk her new girlfriend on instagram (or you can but that’s kind of weird) except you can’t talk shit about her because you know she is awesome (unless you are a mean girl but in that case you didn’t deserve that friend anyways).

If you have been in a similar situation and still hurts, I urge to make peace with her. To forget and forgive, to try it at least. Fifteen years ago I lost a dear friend and then life took her away not only from me but from this lovely earth, now all I hope is that one day we can still be reunited.

P.S. This is to my childhood/teens’ friend, may she rest in peace; and to my beautiful friend (you know who) it took us a while and for us to grow older, but I thank life for giving us another chance.