Love Living In My Birthday Suit

No I don’t consider myself a nudist (although I don’t think that there is nothing wrong with that…although maybe in another life 🤔) but I enjoy being nude.  I don’t know why but there is something deliciously satisfying about knowing … Continue reading

The one thing worse than a boy break up

In the relationships arena, there is only one thing worse than a boy break up: a girlfriend break up. I’ve been wanting to write about this as this year something very special happened to me, I reunited with my long gone #bestie.


At 29 I haven’t figured out love yet, nonetheless to say, I’ve been through many boy breakups including the one I thought I was going to die of sadness, but let me tell you that nothing compares to the pain of knowing that a friendship is over. You’ll see, one day you find this person and you start doing everything with them from drinking and dancing to just talking for hours about-duh-boys on the bedroom floor. You share clothes and shoes and makeup, and inside jokes; you can definitely communicate using face expressions, she knows your body insecurities and you know what is her favorite ice-cream flavor, you keep each others’ deepest secrets and most embarrassing stories; you accept each others’ crazy families, and when life goes wrong, she is there to cry with you (and ready to stab the boy that hurt you if you ask her to). You have an invisible bond that nobody can break apart.

6af17558ae20c7eeef7673767884e7f9But then something happens…you do something that hurts the other person and you both forget about all the good memories. It sounds just like a boy breakup except that now you can’t call your friend and cry over her shoulder, except there is no one to tell you “get ready girl! we’re going to find another guy girlfriend for you tonight”, except you can’t forget her with another bestie, except you can’t drink champagne and dance on the table, except your other girlfriends can’t say how bad she was for you, except you can’t stalk her new girlfriend on instagram (or you can but that’s kind of weird) except you can’t talk shit about her because you know she is awesome (unless you are a mean girl but in that case you didn’t deserve that friend anyways).

If you have been in a similar situation and still hurts, I urge to make peace with her. To forget and forgive, to try it at least. Fifteen years ago I lost a dear friend and then life took her away not only from me but from this lovely earth, now all I hope is that one day we can still be reunited.

P.S. This is to my childhood/teens’ friend, may she rest in peace; and to my beautiful friend (you know who) it took us a while and for us to grow older, but I thank life for giving us another chance.



I never needed you, I wanted you.

I don’t need want a man, I want need a man I’ll make this post short because it all occurred to me this past weekend after spending 8 hours assembling furniture from IKEA. I mean, I should have stopped at the … Continue reading



And just like that, another year went by! I don’t know about you but time is going a lot faster since I turned 25. Thinking back, I had an amazing year and obviously, I’m hoping this year will be better.

On NYE night I chugged twelve grapes at midnight thinking about my new years resolutions and hoping to “get fit” every other grape…but what are resolutions anyways? Resolutions are decisions to do or stop doing something. Hence, when we make our resolutions we are not making wishes (wouldn’t that be nice) but planning, and having a degree in dietetics trust me when I say I know a thing or two about planning. Sometimes I feel lucky with the things I’ve got in life, but the truth is that nothing has come free for me and I’ve worked my booty off. Yes, I do believe in destiny but I also believe that you have to be prepared when destiny comes your way.

So, from my goal setter inner-self, what we should be really wishing and mentally planning when making our resolutions for this New Year:

Don’t just wish to lose weight but plan to start a new workout routine, with so many options out there it is not hard to find something you love that adjusts to your budget. My absolute favorites are barre and kettlebells training.


Our intensa Brenda ain’t waiting for 2016

Don’t just wish to have more time but plan to make your life more organized. You’ve heard it “You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce”…

Don’t just wish for health but plan to quit smoking or drink less alcohol, personally I want to consume less sugar and cook more wholesome foods.

Don’t just wish for a loving family but plan to make time for them, call your mom, take dad for lunch and be for your siblings the person you needed when you were younger.

Don’t just wish to travel more but plan to save a portion from your paycheck for a trip, research your options and buy your flights with time to get them cheaper (although some last minute, unplanned trips are amazing!)


Pam made it to Seoul, South Korea!

Don’t just wish for more money but plan a way to make more money. Switching jobs, freelancing on the side, going back to school to advance in your career…filling out surveys online, you name it! We’re in America, the harder you work, the luckier you get.

Don’t just wish for a more fulfilling job but plan to start doing something to get you closer to your dream job. Maybe you love working out, why not start getting certified to be an instructor? You want to be a writer, why not start a blog?

Don’t just wish for love but plan to wake up everyday trusting that you are in the place you are supposed to be even if you don’t understand it quite well, plan to practice patience, and plan to give love in random acts of kindness every day and love will eventually come your way (so they say, so I hope). 

Don’t just wish to be happy but plan to do things that make you happy: pedicures, walks on the beach, dancing, ice-cream cones, make some time for that. 

And most importantly, don’t just welcome the New Year but plan to LET GO of the last one.

new years printable.jpg

2016, let’s do this!!


OCR Chick I Am! 

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