OCR Chick I Am! 

imageOCR Chick I Am!

Obstacle course racing or OCR  (as it’s most commonly known for those in the know) is an exciting sport that challenges your mental and physical strength. These races are usually held in natural settings: forests, deserts, in other words trails (although a few are held in stadiums.) During these races athletes have to trail run and overcome both nature and man-made obstacles. Yes, these races are such a physical challenge but I believe that this OCR culture is not only about promoting physical fitness but creating a community of comradery and a push to strive to be one’s best self.

My first OCR experience was at the 2014 Spartan Hurricane heat in Temecula where I ran, hiked, imageclimbed, swung, bear clawed, and burpeed my way to being completely enthralled by the sport and challenge. I had been an athlete from kindergarten up until 7th grade, when I stopped playing basketball. It was in this hurricane heat that I realize that OCR or really any sport makes you a more passionate and dedicated person. A passion that for a few years was lacking in my life and now that I’ve rekindled the spark I have no intention of letting it die.

When I was first invited to do one of these races I looked at the promos for the event and I was like 😳. I thought there was no way I could do well or let alone finish a race like that! The images showed women clad in tight shorts and sports bras showing off muscles I had no idea existed. I was so sure that these athletes would be self involved divas that would look down at my wimpy arms and untrained running skills. However I was never more happy to be proven wrong.image

Although there are many amazing of OCR races, I have to say that I prefer Spartan Races! I am a proud Spartan chick all the way #💃🏽on 🔥! People at these races are not the fit divas I thought them to be. Don’t get me wrong they are competitive amongst each other. Yet they always find the time to help one another not only during a race but off it. One of the tag lines for Spartan Race in You’ll know at the finish line, and my queridas intensas I have to day that now I know!

As I crossed through my first finish line I realized that I was able to conquer a lot of thIMG_0882e obstacles I though only the pros could do! As one of my fit friend and former trainer Aubyn Grant said to me “There is nothing more empowering to a woman as being able to pull herself up. ” Then I realized that these races were not only empowered me physically to be able pull myself up but also empowered me to pull myself up to a higher standard and to be the best version of myself (an idea we intensas love, promote and practice.)

Being a spartan also means that you are part of an international family that is comprised of incredible people from all walks of life. I have personally met people through the races that not only inspire me in the sport but also in my personal life as most of them usually excel in whatever they do outside of the sport. In other words the success these racers accomplish on the field transfers to their personal and professional life. I have to say that am so greatful to be part of this family where I have met many incredible teams within the sport that challenge me to be better at all I do by their commitment to inspire others! Here are some examples:

Victor Carrillo AKA Machete is an amazing elite Spartan racer and father of two who turned his life from couch potato with an office job to a the founder and owner of the nationwide Machete Madness workout series. These events are grueling but they make each participant so aware of what they are capable of by the end of them.


The Weeple Army alias the ARMY OF FUN! This international team (created by Dave Huckle and  Joe Forney) welcomes athletes of all levels to join. Their main guidelines for joining is to stay positive, live an active lifestyle and have fun!


Team G.U.T.S. or team get up there son and/or sexy 🙈 a team of 13 dedicated athletes whose goal is to inspire and motivate others to through fitness.


In short, OCR’s are my current passion! The sport keeps me sane when things get tough, I get to travel all over the country (and in 2016 maybe go global), and most importantly I get to meet new people, forge friendships that make me a more culturally enriched and physically fit Spartan Chick!


So go out there as I did and empower yourself by trying something new, fun and positive!

Besitos y Aroo Aroo Aroo!


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