OCR Chick I Am! 

OCR Chick I Am! Obstacle course racing or OCR  (as it’s most commonly known for those in the know) is an exciting sport that challenges your mental and physical strength. These races are usually held in natural settings: forests, deserts, … Continue reading

Stop Drop and Burpee Intensas!

Stop Drop and Burpee Intensas! The burpee is a perfect stand-alone workout. Why? This one exercise is a full body workout. It’s very popular with athletes and military training…and let’s get real ladies ←these people are usually quite fit. So … Continue reading

The day I fell in love with lifting and stopped fearing the weights

My fellow intensas, I want to talk to you all about weight training. 😮 Yes, weight training! I think that every woman on a fit mission should know the difference between dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, and curling bars just as they … Continue reading