Paloma (dove) like the bird and the infamous cocktail. Picasso’s chosen name for his daughter so it makes me feel special.

I’m from Nayarit-a semi-tropical state in the Mexican Pacific-but moved to the USA at 18. I feel lucky to be born Mexican and be given the courage to be a little bit (or a lot!) of a rebel. By the way, I have two sisters back home, who I miss dearly and are my main motivation in life.

I am a Nutritionist, and my day job is very special because my “clients” are children. My vision? well, I want to use the power of education to help raise a healthier generation. For this, I’m pursuing a masters degree in Public Administration.

But let me tell you a little secret…my job is not entirely my passion (but I do love it). So I write what disturbs me, what I fear, what I love and what I dream about. They say we don’t write in order to be understood but in order to understand. I hope you enjoy the blog, as we are leaving our souls exposed.

My moto this year is “do it…because you’ll regret it anyways”




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