Chocolate addict, coffee drinker, obsessed with Paris and all things pretty. Born and raised in Mexico City, I moved to sunny San Diego when I was 15, and although I miss and love my country, I am in love with SD. I believe in traveling, falling madly in love with what you enjoy, being kind, and a good glass of wine. I don’t like conformists and whiners. I have a Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology and enjoy what I do. I obsess and lust over fashion and style. I am 26, a typical Cancer, and always try to keep a positive light on things.

While I really enjoy going out with friends, dancing, and parties, I always have a need to recharge back at home with family, relaxing, and doing virtual window shopping. Therefore, I think of myself as a social introvert.

I have always been a girly girl, hated pants when I was in kindergarden (and still do!) and while I am a pretty decent swimmer I am not really sporty. I like yoga, pilates, and enjoy hiking. I have an eclectic taste in music, liking everything from Nirvana to Enya to Alejandro Fernandez to Rihanna (except “banda”, sorry por las nortenas!)

I feel honored to be part of the SoyIntensa team and community. I believe in the power of writing as a weapon to inspire, dream, and leave a legacy behind, however tiny it is. I really enjoy style and fashion and will be sharing fun and useful posts through the blog, but will also contribute to other posts.

One thing that I am really passionate about? Love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love (credits to Ms Carrie Bradshaw for that intense description of love). Who isn’t right? Love is one thing we all have in common. We all have our heart broken and we all fall in love. It is that same kind of passion that makes me feel alive and enjoy every single thing I do, never taking things for granted, and loving every aspect of life.

SoyIntensa because life is too short to be ordinary.


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