Brenda Maritza Lozano Rodriguez

I was born in Chula Vista, CA January 28, 1988 but raised in Tijuana, B.C. Mexico and rejoined the San Diego scene in 1998. Recently graduated from San Diego State University class of 2014 with a bachelors’ degree in Comparative Literature and Spanish. During my college years I discovered the quintessential passions in life: travel, fitness, and service, and believe that  a combination of the three are necessary for a balanced life.  For this reason it thrills me to be working for the Chula Vista College Institute (a brand new branch of the Barrio Logan College Institute)  a organization that allows me to  work as Tutor at Castle Park Elementary providing instructional support to teachers and as an ambassador for higher education for the students and their families.  I am also working at part-time at Chula Vista Fit Body Boot Camp where I get to help people meet their fitness and health goals.  My long term goals are to get a master’s degree in Peace Studies and law degree in Human Rights law, as well as to earn her American Council on Exercise or ACE certification in the near future. My ultimate goal is to live a healthy and balanced life of service wherever that may be.

“The world is your oyster.” William Shakespeare.

Soy intensa.

Brenda ❤


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