Stop Drop and Burpee Intensas!

Stop Drop and Burpee Intensas!

The burpee is a perfect stand-alone workout. Why? This one exercise is a full body workout. It’s very popular with athletes and military training…and let’s get real ladies ←these people are usually quite fit. So why not take a page out of their book and #StopDropandBurpee?!

There are 5 components to this one full-body exercise:

1. The squat: works the quadriceps (top front part of the leg), hamstring (top back part of the leg), your gluteus maximus (AKA the booty) and your lower back muscles are engaged.

2. The back leg thrust: works the leg muscles again as well as the abs, arms, chest and shoulders.

3.The pushup: basically works all of the above (can’t do a push-up? Start with dead man push ups; just drop your chest to the ground [instead of hovering] and then raise it to the plank position. This worksout the same muscles and will make you get stronger snd eventuality on the road to do regular push-ups.)

4.The forward jump: again engages the arms, legs and abs but this also engages the hip flexors (Which is amazing and important to activate for the intensas 25+ because engaging these muscles keeps our mobility on point as we mature like fine wine.)

5.The vertical jump: uses the same muscles as the squat movement and throwing the arms to the air engages the deltoids and shoulder muscles. (Which will tone your back and make it looks beautiful for those backless dresses and shirts.)

The beauty of this awesome exercise is that it can be done anywhere, with no equipment and at your own pace/leisure. It’s absolutely perfect for those ladies that have a busy schedule, so if you are not able to make it to the gym you can do this in your home, at the office, or at a park. Although it is considered an aerobic exercise I believe you can also get good strength training from the squats and push-ups. Doing burpees for a minute straight burns between 8 to 14 calories. As you start getting better at performing a burpee you will be able to do more in less time, which translates to burning even more calories in less time!

Yes, burpees alone can be a full body exercise, however once you are confident that you’ve mastered it you can take this on-the-go exercise and add on more and start creating your own workout. You can add running or squats or both running and squats and get a good 350-500 calorie burn in an hour, not to mention strengthening and toning your body. It has been a tough journey but I have learned to love the burpee (as hating them was getting no where :p .) However the simple thought of doing 100 consecutive burpees is honestly enough to make me want to faint. If you are like me, then the simple solution is to break your burpees out in to sets 15, 10, or 5. Completing your workout in intervals helps you keep both your sanity, breath, and energy allowing you to attain your burpee goal! Here are a few work outs you can do that involve our beloved burpee:

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1FullSizeRender_2

Here are videos of a five intensas who learned to ❤ the burpee and volunteered their time to help us have these awesome demo videos:

Thanks girls for the awesome videos 😀

So vamos intensas, in the words of Olivia Newton John “Let’s get physical!”

besitos Brenda<3


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