It’s All About Being Resilient

The 2010’s have not been good to me, as the most difficult events in my life happened to me in the last five years and I am only half way through the decadešŸ˜³. However as I was having tea with … Continue reading

Stop Drop and Burpee Intensas!

Stop Drop and Burpee Intensas! The burpee is a perfect stand-alone workout. Why? This one exercise is a full body workout. Itā€™s very popular with athletes and military trainingā€¦and letā€™s get real ladies ā†these people are usually quite fit. So … Continue reading

The day I fell in love with lifting and stopped fearing the weights

My fellow intensas, I want to talk to you all about weight training. šŸ˜® Yes, weight training! I think that every woman on a fit mission should know the difference between dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, and curling bars just as they … Continue reading