Facebook Withdrawals and the Appreciation of Real, Lovely & Creative Life

dbe4c937438fb66da1b06b6cd75c02a5A couple of days ago I decided to temporary close my Facebook account because I need to focus and study for a test. Let me tell you one thing…it is freaking PAINFUL. An addiction to Facebook is as intense as any other, you know, thoughts about it during the day and sometimes at midnight, cravings of scrolling down through people’s lives, stalking that one guy, urgency of sharing pictures and waiting for likes, anxiety, FOMO (fear of missing out)…yes, Facebook withdrawals exist.

To be honest, I don’t think I will go more than a week without it. Truth is, I can’t even study because I am a big time procrastinator. And while my mind wanders (because I’m not using Facebook) I wonder how life would be if we didn’t have this social media craze. I’m old enough to remember those days when boys made phone calls and friends showed up at your door. I almost forgot how nice that felt.


So I made a list of nice things I want to do this year that don’t require technology but that I will post on social media eventually because they are too cool not to. Who said resolutions are made at the beginning of the year? If that’s the case, it’s still January.

1. Have a picnic at the park. French-style –baguette, cheese and undercover wine included- (hey, not everything can be THAT perfect in San Diego) preferably in Balboa Park, across from the botanical garden, with my girlfriends or with a really cute guy who talks about interesting movies and books and then tells me how pretty my skin looks under the sun.

eb2e1db088d9afecd837e584a9e482a22. Walk on the beach as often as possible. On a sunny day, on a cloudy day because I can wear an oversized sweater and pretend I’m on a romantic music video or any day, on Fridays when they have the Farmer’s market in Imperial Beach and I’m done with work, right before the sunset and if ever desirable, right on time to watch the sunrise.

3. Workout outdoors. Ride a bike, hiking in Torrey Pines, conquering the infamous Potato Chip, running on the beach…and trying to do all these without headphones. Let’s give the ocean sound a chance, shall we?

4. Visit a friend. This one is kind of challenging due to everyone’s busy schedules. But I’ll try it, showing up at someone’s house just to say hi. Consider yourselves advised.

5. Go to a museum and find a lovely or crazy painting. If available, I’ll buy the postcard and I’ll mail it to someone who I miss very much.

6. Leave the cell phone at home. Buy an interesting magazine or the newspaper. Go to one of those hip coffee houses in Little Italy or North Park. Get a cup of coffee, read, watch people walk by, or just daydream.


7. Plan a day date. Wake up and cook a delicious brunch including pancakes, eggs, fresh fruit and mimosas of course. Set a beautiful table and decorate with sunflowers. This one is for the girls so that we can talk about love and lust and get drunk.

8.Write a letter. A real letter, pen and paper. I’ll write about my real feelings for him and if at the end I regret it I’ll just burn the letter and feel a little free. Of course, I could also write a letter to a friend who lives far away.

9. Memorize three important telephone numbers because the moment I lost my phone I lost myself…I know you’ve been there.

10. Remember important birthdays. The people who called you on your birthday without the need of Facebook reminders? Yes, those are the ones who really matter.

Do you remember how it used to be before there were cool phones? What did you use to do before we could “kill time” with social media? it sounds more to me that that’s exactly what is killing us. 


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