It’s All About Being Resilient


The 2010’s have not been good to me, as the most difficult events in my life happened to me in the last five years and I am only half way through the decade😳. However as I was having tea with my friend Vera this afternoon and it finally hit me, although these last five years have been tough I’ve somehow managed to survive them and gain some positives, not to mention find balance.

varo10In a nutshell in the past 5 years I had my grandmother pass away, 2 years of severe depression, my mother being diagnosed with cancer twice, my first lay off in my life, and lately some medical issues on my own. ( 😅 I got exhausted just writing this list.) But as terrible and awful as these things were/are, they are part of my life journey and I’ve come to see them in a positive light… Say what? Yes! You read this right. After going through the natural why me? Why me? boohoo, the only healthy thing I could do was to be resilient and try to identify how I can overcome and learn from each hardship.

Not to long ago I saw this video  diary of Tyrese Gibson (🙊don’t judge they were great words of wisdom.) where he was on set for the last fast and the furious movie and he felt so fortunate of all he had accomplished that her shared his strategy to deal with hardships, and it really resonates with me. To Thgcf-variety_katniss3him a setback is really a setup to compel you to move forward, in fact even further forward than you would have done with out the setback. He uses the analogy of a slingshot, as you need to setback the elastic to setup the rock to compel it to be thrown further. Again this idea resonated with me and I began to see my challenges as ways to learn how to do better in the future rather than let them beat me. However the slingshot was not feminine enough for me so I adopted the analogy of a bow an arrow cause this made me feel like the trés Katniss Everdeen Girl on Fire.

So here is what I’ve learned so far an wan to share with all of you:

  1. Amazing people come into your life during these trials and help you not only help you through the trouble times, but also stay and you begin lifelong friendships that will enrich your life for years to come.  (People also leave your life but they do so for a reason and it is usually for the best.)
  2. You become a little wiser, you learn the do’s and dont’s of the world and how to cope with the fact that not everything isn’t fair. However you don’t let this bring you down or become jaded you simply accept it and learn how to have peace with it.
  3. You learn to identify the difference between a problem easily solvable and a real crisis an no longer are you damsel in distress but you become your own hero.
  4. Lastly, when you’ve hit rock bottom you know that the only place to go is up and the path is an exciting prospect that you are ready to journey.

Be a warrior and have balance.


Brenda 💕


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