We Are Anchors

WASHINGTON - MARCH 27: A protester holds an American flag and a Mexican flag while participating in a protest on the west front of the U.S. Capitol March 27, 2006 in Washington, DC. Thousands of immigration advocates rallied on Capitol Hill to protest the immigration bill that is before Congress. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

 We Are Anchors

Anchors are we? Negative connotation you say?

That is very interesting Mr.T. You offer us this title as an insult yet we choose to embrace it as a tumblr_markksLlMd1r1si11o1_1280compliment.

We are anchors: We are a source of stability, we are steadfast, we are strong.

You say we are the issue?

We are anchors: We are a sign of hope, a sign of journey, a sign of adventure.

You say we are the worst of our people?

Yet we are anchors: We are consistent, we are dependable, we are reliable.

You consider us irrelevant? All we have to say to you is.f035bf38edab997ba3de97b86757d1aa

Yes, we are anchors: we are ever present, we are relevant and we are necessary to this great ship we call home.

Can you say the same in 10 years, when our babies are asking Mr. T who?



Ahora les hablo a ustedes! No a mis mexicanos, pero a toda mi comunidad Latina. No dejen que este 20140523-135534ignorante sea nuestro presidente por los próximos cuatro años. Su voto vale mucho y somos tan afortunados de vivir en este país donde tenemos el derecho de votar por quien queremos libremente. Vayan a registrarse para poder votar, ya sea en casillas o por correo. Nosotros tenemos el poder de decidir cuales son los temas relevantes en el próximo termino presidencial, pero si no salimos a votar estamos regalando nuestro derecho a opinar.


You can register to vote in:


State and local election office

Public assistance agencies

Any public facility the state has assigned a voter registration agency (libraries, colleges, etc.)


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