OCR Chick I Am! 

OCR Chick I Am! Obstacle course racing or OCR  (as it’s most commonly known for those in the know) is an exciting sport that challenges your mental and physical strength. These races are usually held in natural settings: forests, deserts, … Continue reading

We Are Anchors

 We Are Anchors Anchors are we? Negative connotation you say? That is very interesting Mr.T. You offer us this title as an insult yet we choose to embrace it as a compliment. We are anchors: We are a source of … Continue reading

It takes 29 (and how Saturn plays a big role in the story)

This is it, in 2 more weeks I’ll turn twenty-something for the last time in my life. “Keep calm” I think to myself -luckily my Latin genes make me look 23. It is hard not to panic when you realize … Continue reading

#FashionFriday Style Inspiration: Adriana Gastelum from fake-leather.com

I am not sure how proud I feel about saying this but I must admit that I probably spend a total of almost 20 minutes a day just scrolling through my instagram feed (damn, that is over 2 hours a … Continue reading