#FashionFriday Style Inspiration: Adriana Gastelum from fake-leather.com

I am not sure how proud I feel about saying this but I must admit that I probably spend a total of almost 20 minutes a day just scrolling through my instagram feed (damn, that is over 2 hours a week -at least!) not really because I care about what you are eating or how much fun you are having with your friends in Vegas but because I just love getting inspired by fashion bloggers and their style and pictures.

I decided to go ahead and share with you some of that fashion inspiration by reaching out to one of my favorite bloggers, Adriana Gastelum.

Adriana, from fake-leather.com, who has a chic, cool ‘It’ girl look helps give Latinas a good reputation in the fashion world. She is from Mexicali, Mexico  and currently resides in Barcelona, Spain (and yes- she is living the dream- living in Europe while her job duties include shopping and dressing up!)


What is Adriana obsessed with right now?

“Every month/season I have a new obsession, right now I’m very into faux leather, real leather & the colour grey, I’ve been doing some shopping and everything I bought it’s grey! “  



When we asked the creator of fake-leather.com to tell us what makes her an Intensa, this is what she responded:

Soyintensa porque… “I wear what I want and I like what I wear”

So go ahead and check out this fellow Mexican fashionista’s blog for more fashion inspiration and her awesome looks at www.fake-leather.com . and follow her at @fakeleather on Instagram.



Some cool items we found inspired by Adriana’s style (affordable version!):

Inspired by fake leather

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