Poppin’ it in San Diego


Pop it in all Pink

As if anyone cared, this is my first “review”  EVER but I decided to do it anyways because:

  1. I have a blog and that’s what blogs are for;
  2. The girls behind Pop Physique deserve it;
  3. Because the common goal of this blog is to be the best version of ourselves…and that includes having a killer body 🙂

I’m talking about Pop Physique San Diego, my absolutely favorite workout right now. They’ve been in LA for a while but they opened their first location in North Park last summer. I think I found about them through GROUPON and tried a free class back in July. They took a while to have an actual schedule but I liked it so much that I waited patiently…and I’m glad! someone like me -who just recently learned how to pronounce physique– requieres a hip, cool & diverse spot. Pop Physique felt just right. The studio is PINK, yes, all pink and purple and oh so cute and stylish! I made it to class 20 times this month so now I feel totally ready to share with you my humble and honest review of #buttschool. The BEST:

  • Everyone welcomes you with a smile EVERY single time. You know that misconception about hot girls being bitches? (pardon my French) well at Pop Physique the instructors are pretty, fit and so sweet…like, if you want to hate this is not the place sister, pure girl to girl empowerment here Intensa-style.
  • You want to feel girly? This is the place. Pink hues…ballerina moves, cool socks, high buns and cool outfits. Trust me, it feels good.
  • The workout is low-impact so you don’t need to worry about wearing the right shoes or a super tight sports bra.
  • All you have to bring is water and a pair of non-slip socks and the rest is taken care at the studio!
  • The music, they always have the most fun, up-beat music. Expect house, techno and some hip-hop at the end which I don’t like too much but the tune goes perfectly with the exercise.
Myself feeling someone finally understands my Type A personality

Myself feeling someone finally understands my Type A personality

THE WORST but in a good way:

  • I said low-impact but don’t get misguided here. You will start sweating like a pig in the first 5 minutes of the workout, you start with a plank…then you hold the plank, then you raise one leg and keep holding the plank, then you start tucking (a very common term in the barre method in which you “tuck” your pelvis and look like you are having sex) while holding the plank. At this moment you just ask yourself how all the other girls in the room are doing it while you are slowly dying.
  • Then there is some arm and shoulder work, not too bad but it’ll keep you wonder how come you’ve never used those muscles before. Of course, you get to stretch…only to be followed by the “fun work” as they call it…yeah, because it must be really FUNny for the instructors to look at our faces while we do it! Tights work into seat work…this is the moment where everything starts to shake and it is the same you wish you never had discovered Pop physique, you want to cry and you curse on the friend who introduced you to it and maybe you’ll want to kill the instructor. And then…
  • Different things including your version of the split (or maybe this is first?) anyways, I hear you…since when do people have their own version of a split?! Is not having a split version a good version?
  • The rest is ABS work, which takes a lot of practice, focus and effort to master but at this point I’m just thinking of absolutely everything not related to the pop sculpt culture…dinner, outfits, boys, work, oh and that I have to keep going if I want to be ready for summer. And…
  • Once you’re done, you forget everything and feel so good that you can’t wait to come again 😀

THE WORST not in a good way:

  • It is expensive; at $20 per class you might be tempted to get a new t-shirt at Forever21 instead.
  • So far they only have once location 😦


  • You can finally say that you LOVE working out ❤
  • My flexibility is improving (on my first class I could hardly reach the bar with my foot and I got a few cramps)
  • Is it worth it? Yes, totally. Every single dollar I spent was refunded when I ran into THE GUY and he asked -“have you been doing Pilates, yoga or something?” – #winning
  • As cliché as it may sound, health is an investment; and wouldn’t that amazing dress look better in your toned body?Besides, they have some good deals, and at $175 unlimited classes per month, you can squeeze 20 classes at $8.75 each (yes I did the math) and of course, you’ll be forced to go or otherwise you won’t be saving any money.


VERDICT: I’m a popaholic and I want all their socks. If any Pop Physique girl is reading this, I’d like to say THANK YOU. For more information check their website http://www.popphysique.com Follow us on IG @soyintensa and follow me! @palomitabertrand Xoxo


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