How to be Mexican Wherever You Are


I recently read the witty (tres chic) little book “How to be Parisian Wherever You are”. I had my eye on it ever since it came out because I am the type of girl that daydreams about spending her mornings at the Café de la Paix in front of the Opera or eating a baguette in the stairs of Montmartre after taking a ride in the Metro. I admire French style and Paris’ women’s natural beauty, their elegance, and their lifestyle… me and probably 50% of women out there. No wonder the book is such a hit, even when it is nothing more than a list of stereotypes about the allure of the French women.


Sorry to disappoint you, but no matter how hard you try and how many manuals you read on how to be French, if you are not French and do not live in Paris you will never be that woman. Je suis desolee.

71f0b0f3819dd1a49989d80c1b6cb669After realizing and discussing this with my fellow INTENSAS, who are also fans of the European lifestyle, we wondered if we could come up with a blog post that embraced who we really are: Mexicanas. And this is our attempt to do that. After all, we should be proud of who we are and embrace our own mystique.

Disclaimer: I hate been stereotypical and putting us ladies in this box, this is just for fun and by no means applies to every single girl; we are all very different and these are just things I thought about when reading the Parisienne version ! 

How to be Mexican Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits

  1. Mexican women care about their appearance. A LOT. Highlights, eyelash extensions, curled hair extensions, gel manicure, waxed brows, makeup, high heels, tight jeans, boob implants, lipo, you name it. This is specially true when you live in an area where there is fierce competition because there are so many beautiful women, such as Sinaloa or Guadalajara. You want to try the ‘au naturel’ look? Your mom will tell you that you are a ‘fachosa’ and no guy will ever want to marry you.

8eba8c806da97550892cf6f10100b4f32. Do you want to date a Mexican girl? Be a gentleman. Open the door for her, walk on the street side when walking next to her, pick her up at the door and introduce yourself to her family, give her flowers, understand her curfew and why she is 25 and still has to ask permission to go on a weekend trip where there will be boys, don’t make her jealous, don’t assume, ask her to be your girlfriend, etc. Mexican girls are still old-fashioned when it comes to dating, yet they will conveniently forget ‘traditional roles’ when you ask her if she cooks – so sexist

3. They put flavor on it. Salsa Valentina, lemon, salt, Tabasco, …. Mexican cuisine is so rich that they are used to rich food that has a lot of flavor. Spice up your life!

4. They feel pride on Mexican icon Frida Kahlo. They will ‘play tribute’ to her by owning a shirt with her image, a decorating item, dressing up like her in Halloween, or visiting her house when they visit Mexico City. Frida was a talented, complex intense woman who had a pretty interesting life and is one of Mexico’s best known artists of her time. Mexican girls may not be fully familiar with her poetry and artwork, but they see her image as trendy.


5. Money matters. Mexican women want to know and talk about how much someone makes, how much fulanito’s car costs, and how much money one’s family has. They will get to the bottom of the situation. Mexican culture is traditionally hierarchical, and this is still very evident in today’s society. Hence the need to display logos, brand items, and shopping in US boutiques to show that you can afford the trip.

6. Working out is a social event. You will get dressed up with your matchy tracksuit, will probably go to a fitness club to workout, and god forbids you are seen with your naturally curly hair. Gym prep: 1 hour. Workout time: 30 min.

7. Marriage is a big deal. Weddings are huge. Mexicans want kids and to marry only once in front of the church. Before 30. Otherwise, your family will not let you forget that you are about to quedarte a vestir santos (who the hell came out with that phrase?) This is starting to change in these generations, as we realize that by the time we hit 25 we are just barely starting to really know ourselves and who we are. There is less pressure to have a big family, since women are slowly but surely getting into the double-income household.


8. Mexican women think that Cancun is the most beautiful beach in the world. It really is. They have their beach of choice depending on where they were raised (Acapulco, Vallarta, Cancun, Cabos, Playa del Carmen, Oaxaca). They know how to party without passing out because they have been exposed to alcohol and partying way before they turned 21.

9. They will justify bad driving behavior or sneakiness on being Mexican. Rarely are they on time or care too much about it.

10. Mexicans are romantic and passionate. We may not have the Eiffel tower as a backdrop for a kiss, but mexican women are strong women with romance in their veins. They expect their men to love them passionately, and to act accordingly to show it to them. After all, there is nothing wrong with having old-fashioned hearts, is there?

This is a tiny list out of a lot of things we could say about the Mexican women… a beautiful creature who deserves to be admired as much as any other Marion Cotillard-type out there. They have a different kind of appeal, but one that is also attractive. I admit I do not meet all the stereotypes above described, and you probably don’t either… but I bet you know at least a woman that you can identify with each statement!


2 thoughts on “How to be Mexican Wherever You Are

  1. Muy bien dicho!! I DO know at least ONE person who fits all the descriptions above and I look at her everyday in the mirror 🙂 You hit the nail in the head on #2 haha my “boyfriend” (now husband of 30 + years) never asked me if I wanted to be his novia, but he did want the benefits. When I introduced him to my mom as my novio he gave me a strange look and said “I never asked you” to what I replied, then don’t touch me and don’t kiss me either….hay hombres…


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