I never needed you, I wanted you.


I don’t need want a man, I want need a man


This is real & I didn’t give a F

I’ll make this post short because it all occurred to me this past weekend after spending 8 hours assembling furniture from IKEA. I mean, I should have stopped at the first page of the assembly instructions (please see picture on the right) but now you can guess my level of stubbornness.

I have this theory that the more independent a woman becomes, the harder it is to meet the right guy because you no longer need him BUT you want him. And when you want something to be perfect, it’s really hard to find it…remember that prom dress? just like that.

The truth is that in the past years I’ve become a hashtag-girlboss type of girl, one who thinks she wants a man but doesn’t need him. Well…well, well. I definitely needed a guy to help me this weekend. If I could summarize my thoughts while putting together my new furniture (very chic by the way) it would go something like this:


But IKEA did and I almost couldn’t handle it

Who needs a guy? – really, I can totally do this – Oh, you need two people? No way, I’m sure is not so bad, it’s IKEA- I can’t do this – Damn, I really need two people- Left or right? I don’t want to start all over! – Goddamn, I’m getting back pain – According to my FitBit I’m burning tons of calories so I’m going to go straight to In-N-Out after this- I can’t go on, I’m so tired- You are a bitch from Hell, you can do this -I need a boyfriend so bad-I’m definitely getting a manicure tomorrow morning -this is gonna be like one of those expectations vs. reality memes – I wish Dad was here- Oh and I pedicure too-like I won’t even have a boyfriend for Valentines -I wanna cry, I really wanna cry- Why didn’t I pay someone to do this? – I’m getting old – I can’t leave it undone or it will drive me crazy – almost done! -My knees are hurting so bad; people are going to think I had sex on the carpet- I hate this!- I can’t -Wow I’m done- Everything hurts but I did it! – In-N-Out, I’m coming for you!


Sunday mornings

So, do I need a guy or do I want a guy? It seemed that I needed him, but I didn’t. I did it all by myself…and that actually made me
fkcuing sad. Because the truth is that I do want a guy, I do want a little help, I do want someone to eat a burger with me afterwards #animalstyle…even if I don’t need him.

But like Justin Bieber said: I should go and love myself #Ihadto




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