Love Living In My Birthday Suit

No I don’t consider myself a nudist (although I don’t think that there is nothing wrong with that…although maybe in another life 🤔) but I enjoy being nude.  I don’t know why but there is something deliciously satisfying about knowing that once I get home at the end off a stressful day I get to just take off every single garment of clothes off.

This makes me feel free and relaxed. Can I be blamed for this feeling? I think not and this is my defense. Women’s clothing is so restrictive! I mean push-up bras, skinny jeans, etc. As women we are encouraged to cup our breast, in pull our hair up, and to look sexy we need to all have a pair of skinny jeans and 6 inch heels. Yikes! Although many would never admit to liking to be in the nude cause it is just a no no in our society; Every girl can attest to the great relief she gets the moment the bra comes off. Yes ,yes, the bra. This man-made contraption that lifts and separates our two girls.  Of course if makes our boobies look perky and pretty but I personally only love the look my 34C friend gives me and not so much the uncomfortable day long hug it gives my nenas🙅🏽. I share the same contempt towards my skinny jeans. 😑Of course my derriére looks amazing in a nice pair of skinny jeans but my gut an thighs disagree. With all this restriction all I look forward too as soon as I get home is to take my pants and my bra off as soon as humanly possible.

I shamelessly admit the fact that on very hot summer days I enjoy sleeping a la natural! Or sometimes when I’m home alone I get chores done baring it all to the world, and of course after living in europe for a year (continent that is light years ahead from our American continent of accepting this as normal) I enjoy sun bathing from time to time in my birthday suit. The days of the year I frequent blacks beach I happily walk down the rickety stairs that lead to this gem of a beach and simply feel relaxed, one with nature, and proud of my body.  In this space all the status symbols and worries come off and you are simply another human being enjoying a day at the beach.

It is astonishing to me that people still find this embarrassing or bulgar. The female breasts (.)(.) are always at war  with societies perception of decency. Some are bothered by women breastfeeding in a public space or find it indecent to post the image of a female nipple on social media(#freethenipple). To all those people who suppose that being showing your body is indecent all I can say is relax! Decency does not mean keeping your clothes on. A person can enjoy feeling comfortable in their own skin and still be decent. We are all born naked and nakedness is as normal as breathing.

According to Dr. Travis Bradberry coauthor of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 helps you lose weight, reduce stress, and make more money. By sleeping naked your metabolism has to work through the night to either cool or warm your body and therefore you are burning calories as you sleep. Those pesky pijamas get all tangled up during the night and creates tendon in your body but by sleeping in the nude your body is released from that stress, and finally by sleeping in the buff  you are gaining more confidence and eventually that confidence will allow you to try new things that might result in better performance at work and ergo more income.

Obviously I’m not advocating to go out in the world and expose yourself to it. My message is simple, ladies I’m not saying go out and become a nudist, but be comfortable in your own skin and have the confidence to love your body…. And Once in a while let your body be free and flaunt the birthday suit!


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