Local Tourist: Places to Visit in North Park, San Diego

IMG_9429Thinking about what to do this weekend? Why not spending a few hours in our San Diego neighborhood North Park? I spent a few hours yesterday with my younger brother just walking around the streets and thought about sharing some of my favorite spots there.

IMG_9424 IMG_9426

Places I recommend:


Urban Solace- New Orleans feel, good food, nice ambiance


Pigment- might be one of my favorite stores in San Diego- you need to stop by specially if you are planning to host a party or just get some cute stuff



StreetCar Merchants- fried chicken, donuts, coffee. Interesting combination, but interesting place nonetheless



Kaleidoscope – they have the cutest stuff for your kitchen (if you are into girly quirky stuff)


Other places I enjoy:

  • Polite Provisions (good drinks, cool place)
  • Propietors Bar (tiny place to have a glass wine, feels like the lobby of a european hostel)
  • Carnitas Snack Shack (best burger ever)
  • Mimi & Rod (love their clothes and accessories- just careful, can be overpriced)

Places I want to try: 


Holsem Coffee- I can be a bit hipster when it comes to coffee, and this place looks worth picking into


Cafe Calabria- I have been dying to go here, has that European feeling and the menu looks pretty good


Young Hickory – This is the kind of coffee place you can go to just sit with a cup of coffee and do some work on your laptop.

Other spots I’m looking forward to trying:

  • Breakfast Republic (the terrace looks like a nice spot for brunch)
  • The Mission (has great reviews for breakfast, even though the place doesn’t look appealing)
  • Nomad Donuts (donuts. period.)

IMG_9436 IMG_9437

IMG_9460 IMG_9465 IMG_9468


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