339172aa12d495d3b8550a3e82f5894cThis is just a short lesson to decode the meaning behind the title of our blog and hashtag #soyintensa (#IamIntense)

According to the Spanish dictionary, intenso is an adjective that means the following (please read the bold letters for English)

1. Que se manifesta o se realiza con mucha fuerza o energía: luz intensa; frío intenso, ganas intensas de llorar.

That it manifest itself or it’s done with a great amount of strength or energy: intense light, intense cold, intense urge to cry.

2. Se aplica al sentimiento que es muy fuerte o vivo: siente un intenso amor por su pareja.

It applies to a feeling that is very strong or alive: he/she feels an intense love for his/her significant other.

In English is not a common term but in Mexico -and in other Hispanic countries- the need to describe certain people, things or experiences is such, that we’ve turned it into a verb (that by the way, does not exist in the dictionary yet!)

>> Intensear, verb. –although not official yet– : used to describe the actual act of creating intense situations. Here is one common example:

  • Mi amiga se puso super borracha y le marco a su ex 10 veces. Que intensa! (osea, intenseó)
  • Eng. My friend got really drunk and she called her ex 10 times. She is so intense! (and then the intense part conjugated into a verb, lol!)

Ok, that was a very negative example so let’s go to my other point:  someone who is intense (or intensea) also means that they live life to the fullest and feel their emotions intensamente (sorely: to a very high degree or level of intensity). What’s interesting is that the word itself comes from the Latin in- tender, “intendere” which means <get tense, hold on, stand up, strive, get excited> So there you go, it sums up to do everything to the best of your ability, to feel, to love, to give and receive with an intense desire, to do everything with passion…or not at all.



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