I want to be like a Sunflower

“I want to be like a Sunflower; so that even on the darkest days I will stand tall and find the sunlight”


What Do Flowers Humans Need to Survive?

I love flowers, especially the vivid ones. I like exotic, colorful flowers. I enjoy places filled with lots of them and floral patterns. As I researched a little on how to take care of a beautiful bunch of roses I have at home, I realized that because we are all living bodies, we need the same care-if not more- than those needed by plants, and I couldn’t help to write about my logical (could be irrational, it’s up to you) comparisons. The text in black is information from ProFlowers®, and in pink of course, my thoughts.

Something Pamela would say

Something Pamela would say

Flowers (Humans) needs

Keep reading, the last section is my favorite

Hospitable Environment If housed in an inhospitable environment, flowers will not survive…keepers must ensure that the flower is placed in a location that gets the ideal amount of sunlight for that plant — the required amount of sunlight varies from plant to plant.Find a place to live that makes you happy. It could be a mansion or it could be a tiny apartment in the heart of downtown or next to the seashore. Just remember that home is not a place, it’s a feeling. Whatever it is, make sure it has lots of windows.

Flower fields in Carlsbad, CA.

Flower fields in Carlsbad, CA “I must have flowers always and always”-Monet

 Water All flowers, regardless of type, require water in some form. When providing water to planted flowers, first determine how much water that type of flower requires, since some flowers do best when provided copious amounts of water, while others do better in dryer conditions.

  1. Drink 2 liters of water per day. Even more on your mermaid days.
  2. For special occasions or those dryer conditions, champagne will suffice.
  3. Above all, do always keep the glass half-full.
Because we just love her.

Because we just love her.

Nutrients Like humans need food to survive, flowers require nutrients for sustained survival. If soil is low in nutrients, gardeners can provide extra help to their floral plants by feeding the flowers with fertilizer.You are your body’s own gardener (cheesy, I know) but I am a nutritionist and It’s my social duty to repeat these words for the rest of my life: nurture your body.  Take care of it, listen to it, feed it with the right foods and appreciate all the amazing things a healthy body can do for you. 0b027d2d95a28052b856f492d4607acd Animal-Safe Space While some animals, such as bees, help flowers propagate, many animals are natural enemies of flowers. Animals that enjoy munching on blooms, such as household cats or garden-loving bunnies, often leave them damaged and certainly less beautiful than they were in their un-munched state. In addition to the impact that animal snacking has on flowers, this practice can also be dangerous for the animals themselves, since some flowers are poisonous to animals.Quite an interesting paragraph. I’ve encountered some cat-like humans through life and I’m sure you too. These are the negative people, I think of them as people who suck your energy, “friends” that see you only when is convenient for them and people who let you down. And then the loving bunnies, those lovers who left you heartbroken and certainly less beautiful than you were in your un-munched state (this was so good, it deserved repetition).

Disney knows best

Disney knows best

For that reason, you must keep your family close. Guard yourself and be careful of whom your real friends are but not so much that you become afraid to get hurt (or we would stop being intensas). Do not let the marks from the munching make you bitter and do not allow yourself, under any circumstance, to become one of those poisonous flowers. Like pollen dust, spread kindness everywhere.

P.S- “A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms”




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